Control: Alliance
Hypernet Status: Active (Alliance)
Jump Point Connections: Atalia (& others)

Varandal is an Alliance star system bordering the Syndicate Worlds. Jump points in Varandal and Atalia form a bridge between the Alliance and the Syndics, and numerous skirmishes have taken place between the Alliance Fleet and the Syndicate Worlds Mobile Defense Force in both systems over the course of the century long war. Varandal is home to a regional military headquarters for the Alliance fleet, and has been since the pre-war era. Varandal's extensive array of docking facilities, repair and refit yards for military shipping, supply stockpiles, and static defenses have multiplied enormously over the course of the war. Ambaru station, a massive transport hub for both military and civilian traffic, as well as an administrative center and occasional meeting place for the Alliance Grand Council, is located within Varandal star system. Varandal is linked to the Alliance Hypernet network through a Hypernet Gate, which has been outfitted with a Cresida-safe fail system by the time the Alliance counterattack against the Syndicate Worlds is launched under command of Fleet Admiral Geary.