ASN Titan
Commanding Officer: Commander Lommand
Status: Active
Produced by: Alliance
Technical Specifications:
Notable Information:

The Titan is a Titan-class fast fleet auxiliary, a mobile fleet-repair-and-rebuild ship, operating with the Third Fast Fleet Auxiliaries Division of the Alliance Fleet. Captained by Commander Lommand, Titan was originally one of two ships of her class assigned to the fleet which assaulted the Syndic home system, but the other was lost in the ensuing battle. This left Titan the sole ship of her class and capability with the fleet. Three other fast fleet auxiliaries were present with the fleet (the Witch, Goblin, and Jinn), but none of these had the same range of capabilities as Titan.

Though considered a "fast fleet auxiliary", Titan is the slowest ship in the fleet, even under the best of conditions. This has led to several near-disasters, as Titan is considered vital to the safe return of the fleet to Alliance space. Despite her slow and ungainly nature, Titan has proven key to the continued repair and resupply of the fleet, keeping the combat vessels stocked with consumable weapons and fuel cells.