The Third Battleship Division is a unit within the Lost Fleet. The Third Division had been used by Admiral Bloch as a "dumping ground" for troublesome captains, and as such had become a hotbed of malcontents, as Captain Geary quickly discovered. Chief among these were Captain Numos and Captain Faresa. Prior to Captain Falco's mutiny, during which two of the Third Division's ships followed Falco, the Division was commanded by Captain Numos of the Orion. Following his return and arrest, command of the Division passed to Captain Casia of the Conqueror.

The Third Battleship Division originally consisted of the battleships Paladin, Orion, Majestic, and Conqueror. Paladin and Majestic were later lost in the Lakota system, during the first and second battles which took place there, respectively. Following the fleet's successful return to Alliance space, the Division was strengthened with the addition of the battleships Dreadnought and Dependable.