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The Lost Fleet Wiki is a collaborative website about The Lost Fleet that anyone can edit! The Lost Fleet Wiki is the first comprehensive online database about the New York Times bestselling science fiction series The Lost Fleet by award-winning author John G. Hemry (writing under the pen-name Jack Campbell).


Quote of the Month

Captain Geary: Sorry to disappoint you. The Syndic fleet thought it’d already killed me once. What makes you think you’ll have more luck this time? You, on the other hand, haven’t died even once yet.

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Did you Know?

...that the Syndicate Hunter-Killer warships could have been named after a type of attack submarine?
...that Captain Kila once dated Captain Duellos?
...that Captain Geary's first command was of the Merlon when he was a commander?
...that ships named Invincible are seen as "unlucky" and that in real life three out of seven British ships called Invincible were destroyed by mines or in storms?
...that Midway is based off a real place where Jack Campbell once lived?


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