The Lost Fleet is a series of science fiction novels written by John G. Hemry under the pen-name Jack Campbell. The series consists of six novels, of which the first was published in 2006, and the last (and final) was published in 2010. While the series itself has come to a close, Hemry has stated his intent to write a pair of spin-off novels.

The Lost Fleet chronicles the exploits of legendary Alliance Captain John "Black Jack" Geary, as he attempts to lead a fleet of over three hundred Alliance and allied warships safely home following a brutal ambush deep within enemy space in which the leaders of the fleet were massacred. In the process, Geary must overcome a myriad of obstacles ranging from personal and romantic troubles to dissension in the ranks, and even a rival legendary hero. And all the while, Geary must stay one step ahead of the Syndics, whose territory he is trying desperately to escape from. While this is occurring, Geary also begins to suspect something most troubling - that the human race, Alliance and Syndics alike, may have been manipulated by an external force, with disastrous consequences for mankind.

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