The Syndicate Worlds Mobile Defense Force is the space based arm of the Syndicate Worlds military. Ship classes and design generally correspond to those of the Alliance Fleet. Since the onset of the war, the Syndicate Worlds Mobile Defense Forces had generally come to rely almost exclusively on the Hypernet Gate network to transport forces to the site of engagements, but system jump drives still exist on board even the smallest combat units of the fleet.


Syndicate warships, referred to as Mobile Units, display broadly similar characteristics to those of their Alliance counterparts with one notable exception: Syndicate warships lack Null-Field Projectors. Many Syndicate warships also differ from those of the Alliance in that they have a built in automated override for combat, maneuvering and life support systems (at the very least), which allows Syndicate CEOs to assume remote command of the ships from afar. The Mobile Defense Forces do not include a counterpart to the Alliance Fleet's destroyer, instead relying on the smaller, but more numerous Hunter-Killer. The Sydicates also make use of even smaller so called nickel corvettes, though these are rarely deployed outside Syndicate space itself.

The Syndicate Worlds' high degree of centralization meant that the ships used by the Mobile Defense Forces were designed with a much smaller emphasis on on-board damage control and repair capabilities than their Alliance counterparts. The First Battle of Lakota left crippled Mobile Defense Force ships littered throughout a wide arc of the Lakota star system, and despite having nearly 10 days to repair these ships while the Alliance Fleet jumped back and forth from Ixion star system, the vast majority were still exactly where they were damaged, awaiting the arrival of repair and resupply ships (contracted from a completely separate, entirely civilian Syndicate corporation) when the Alliance forces returned to Lakota.


The Syndicate Worlds maintained control of it's sprawling territory through widespread fear of punishment in their own population, a task which generally fell to the Mobile Defense Force units. CEO Boyens informed Admiral Geary during an interview that it was a violation of his orders as a commanding officer in the Reserve Flotilla to harbor sympathetic feelings for the Syndic civilian population. This was said to be due to the need to create distance between CEO's in command of fleet units and the people of the worlds that they protected so that an order to kill Syndic civilians would be followed without hesitation. The destruction of the majority of remaining capital ships in the territory of the Syndicate Worlds marked a steep decline in the capability and effectiveness of the force, as demonstrated by the meager force on hand to repel advances by the Enigma Race.