CEO Shalin was a Syndicate Worlds Mobile Defense Force commander, comparable in rank to an Alliance Fleet flag officer. CEO Shalin had command of the Syndicate Worlds fleet defending Prime, the Syndicate home system, during both the First and Second Battle of Prime.


Under Shalin's command the Syndicate Worlds military won a crushing defeat during the First Battle of Prime, laying an effective ambush for the Alliance Fleet as it arrived via hypernet. The Alliance Fleet, having arrived with most of it's massed strength, took heavy losses to dense minefields laid in front of the hypernet gate, as well as to the Syndicate Mobile Forces positioned behind the minefields and able to open fire on the disorganized Alliance survivors as those remaining ships managed to break through the initial ambush.

After capturing Admiral Bloch and his command staff and feigning a summary execution in order to demoralize the Alliance Fleet's remnants, Captain Geary, now in command of the Alliance survivors was able to buy enough time through a negotiation under false pretenses of his own (relying on the time lag imposed by speed of light communications) to execute a withdrawal to Corvus Star System via one of Prime's numerous system jump points. The Alliance Fleet suffered the further loss of the battle cruiser Repulse commanded by Michael Geary during the withdrawal, while inflicting the destruction of several light Syndicate assets.

The Second Battle of Prime was an opportunity both for CEO Shalin to redeem himself against the returning Alliance Fleet, and to have seized control of the Syndicate Worlds from the existing executive council. During the battle Shalin was killed when his flagship, a D-Class battle cruiser, was destroyed.