Scout Battleships are a type of warship used by the Alliance Navy. A design midway between a true battleship and a heavy cruiser in size, scout battleships appear to be a relatively new class of ship, as Captain John Geary was unfamiliar with the specifics of their introduction. Geary felt the design relatively useless, being too large to operate alongside the heavy cruisers, but too small to operate as battleships. Three such vessels were with the Lost Fleet when it fled the Syndicate home system: the Arrogant, Braveheart, and Exemplar.  The trade offs in construction of the scout battleships, specifically the lesser armor and survivability in comparison with full sized battleships led to the destruction of all three such ships in the Alliance Fleet that Captain Geary took command of following the disastrous First Battle of Prime. Arrogant was lost as Kaliban, Exemplar at Heraldo and Braveheart at Cavalos. It is unknown  weather any other Scout Battleships comprised the First Scout Battleship division or indeed weather there were any other divisions.