ASN Repulse
Commanding Officer: Commander Michael Geary
Status: Destroyed
Produced by: Alliance
Technical Specifications:
Notable Information:
Destroyed during the First Battle of Prime

The Repulse was a battle cruiser assigned to the Alliance fleet sent to assault the Syndic home system. Part of the Fifth Battle Cruiser Division, and commanded by Captain Michael Geary, grandnephew of the legendary John "Black Jack" Geary, Repulse survived the initial Syndic ambush, but sustained heavy damage in the process, including to her main drives. In the ensuing withdrawal to the jump point to Corvus, Repulse struggled to keep up with the rest of the fleet. Seeing that Syndic vessels were drawing near to the auxiliary ship Titan, and knowing the importance of that ship to the rest of the fleet, Captain Geary held his ship back, using its weapons to fight off Syndic pursuers for as long as possible. Once Repulse had lost the ability to continue the fight, Geary ordered his crew to abandon ship, then remained aboard and overloaded the power core, destroying the ship.