ASN Orion
Commanding Officer: Captain Numos

Commander Yin
Commander Savos
Commander Shen

Status: Destroyed
Produced by: Alliance Fleet
Technical Specifications:
Hell-lance batteries
Null field projector
Alliance Hypernet Key
Alliance Fleet
Alliance First Fleet
Notable Information:

ASN Orion is an Alliance battleship of the Third Battleship Division, formerly commanded by Captain Numos during the Syndic-Alliance war. After the vessel's return to Alliance space, it came under the command of Captain Shen during the exploration of Enigma, Kick and Dancer space.


Orion is involved in the battle of Prime, and survives the initial ambush and battle. Orion and the Third Battleship Division survive the escape from Prime, and participate in the campaign back to Allience space, but Captain Numos and Orion mutiny along with several other ships under command of Captain Falco but later survive the ordeal that claims several battleships and battlecruisers.

Orion later makes it back to Varandal, and participates in the resulting battles in alien space under a new commander, Shen. While Admiral Geary is impressed with Orion and Shen, both are lost during the flight back to Varandal when Orion collides with several Syndic ships while protecting the auxiliaries.