"Numos is so dense that I'm surprised he doesn't have his own event horizon."

->Victoria Rione
Captain Numos is an officer in the Alliance Fleet. Initially the captain of the battleship Orion, Numos was one of the senior-most captains in the fleet, but has a reputation as being politically adept but militarily inept.

At the emergency fleet conference in the Syndic home system, Numos contended that Captain John Geary was not fit for fleet command, being largely ignorant of new technological developments in the century Geary had been in cold sleep. He further argued that Geary's seniority was a technicality, as it had been granted (it was thought) posthumously. Once it became clear that Geary had the support of a majority of officers, Numos argued that, rather than staying together as a fleet, individual ships should fend for themselves, running for home individually, allowing faster vessels to escape at the expense of slower ships. This proposal was soundly rejected.

At the Battle of Kaliban, Numos was placed in command of one of the elements of the fleet. Captain Geary did so reluctantly, as he was worried Numos would bungle his part of the operation, but felt he had no choice due to Numos' seniority. Geary's fears were proved correct when Numos deviated from his orders, resulting in the scout battleship Arrogant being lost to enemy fire. Geary vowed at that point to never place Numos in a position of responsibility again.

Numos was later one of the captains who joined Captain Falco's Mutiny from the Alliance fleet. Following Falco's decisive defeat at Vidha, Numos and the other survivors limped back to the main body of the fleet at Ilion, where Numos was promptly placed under arrest and removed from command. Despite his objections that he had only been following the orders of a senior officer, orders he claimed he was told Geary knew about, he was informed that he and the other senior conspirators would be facing a court-martial at the earliest opportunity.