Mobile Minig Units, or MMUs, are small tracked vehicles specialized in limited scale mining operations. The auxiliary vessel Titan carries two of then but refrains from using it in most of the ocasions since they cannot be replaced.

The Alliance Marines call the MMUs by their nicknames, Cows or Mumus.

A chief petty officer describes the mining operation on Courageous. The MMU operates with "worms on leashes". The worms are small devices that generate vibrations to shatter the rocks, inside the worms the particles are analised and separeted. The leashes are cables conecting to the MMU and serve for power, communication and control. After the rocks are sorted out by the worms the Moles, another form of vehicle comes, diggs the materials and hauls them back to the MMU. There are several Moles, big and small, and one Supermolle on Titan.