ANS Merlon
Commanding Officer: Commander John Geary, Alliance Navy
Status: Destroyed
Produced by: Alliance
Technical Specifications:
Notable Information:
Destroyed at Grendel
Flagship of a convoy

The ANS Merlon was a heavy cruiser under the command of John Geary. It's only engagment was the battle of Grendel where it fought a rearguard action against a surprise attack by the Syndicate Worlds. She held off against superior numbers long enough for a convoy it had been escorting to flee back to alliance space. It was destroyed at Grendel although most of its crew escaped. The most notable legacy it left was the rise of the legendary Black Jack Geary who was believed lost at the battle but actually survived for a hundred years in stasis in a survival pod until he was picked up by the Alliance fleet where he went on to win the Alliance -Syndicate war.


Rank Name Position
Commander John "Black Jack" Geary Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Commander Cara Decala Executive Officer