Commander Lommand is an officer within the Alliance Fleet. The captain of the mobile fleet-repair-and-rebuild ship Titan, Lommand, though one of the younger commanding officers in the fleet, nevertheless commands one of the single most important ships in the force. Lommand has earned a reputation as a capable and energetic officer, whose only appreciable flaw is his tendency to buck the chain of command and take ideas directly to the fleet commander, rather than channeling it through his division commander. However, after being gently admonished by Captain Geary for this tendency, Lommand began taking precautions, such as interjecting into a conference to "remind" his division commander, Captain Tyrosian, of an idea they had purportedly discussed earlier.

Despite this, Lommand has a reputation as an effective commanding officer, and this reputation causes a great deal of relief when commanders of damaged warships learn Titan has been dispatched to assist in their repair efforts.