Kaliban is a star system within Syndicate space. The system was once inhabited, and boasted a number of settlements, shipyards, orbital repair facilities, and mines. However, with the advent of the hypernet system, Kaliban was sidelined and was soon abandoned.

Oddly, while abandoning the system, the Syndicate chose to wipe the operating systems off of their computer systems, despite knowing that any Syndicate or Alliance people that came through the system would already possess copies of it. This, combined with the breaking into the Vault by an unknown third party, led to speculations of the existence of an intelligent alien race. The system itself consists of five planets, none of which are suitable for habitation. All either too hot or too cold, and have either a toxic atmosphere or no atmosphere at all.

Captain Geary took the Alliance Fleet to Kaliban, from Corvus, on their flight back to Alliance space. The fleet reactivated some of the mines in the system to restock on raw materials for the fleet auxiliaries while also using the time to train its officers in battle tactics. When a Syndicate pursuit force arrived in system, Geary ordered the fleet to engage the small force, leading to its destruction, then chose to take the fleet to Sutrah.