This article is about the various jobs we need to do on this wiki and how we can organise the immense task of building the wiki.

Note: If you do a job on here, then that information will be recorded in our archives and you may win favour with the Admin staff later!

Articles requiring creationEdit

If you want to create an article, please put your username next to that article. Please do not create an article if there is already a username next to that article. This will prevent edit conflicts.


When creating articles on characters, please use the design shown on the Character formatting article.


When designing articles on systems, please use the Planet formatting article.



When designing a new article on a ship, please follow the Ship formatting article.


When designing a new article on an organisation, please follow the Organisation formatting article.


Articles requiring expansionEdit

Category: Article stubs


A better organisation is needed for the wiki to thrive. All pages should have categories added to them. A list of pages that don't can be found here:


We also need a marketing team to work on the advertising of the wiki. Please sign up below:

  1. Anti-Umbridge league
  2. Parable
  3. Ynof


  1. Captains Kila and Caligo's plot to remove Geary and his closest supporters from the fleet