Lieutenant Iger is an intelligence officer under the command of Captain Desjani and the head of intelligence on the battle cruiser Dauntless. He is trusted by John Geary and the two often speak with each other.


Originally from the wealthy Alliance star system of Marduk, Iger chose to allow himself to be drafted into the Alliance-Syndicate War, despite easily being able to acquire a job that would've made him exempt. He soon became a member of navy intelligence and at an unknown point was stationed on the Dauntless and given command of the intelligence unit aboard. Like the rest of the Alliance Fleet, the Dauntless took part in an attack on the Syndicate home system, Prime, which left the fleet stranded in Syndicate territory. When the fleet captured Reynad Ybarra and his crew, Iger was in charge of his interrogation; analyzing their escape pod to see the state it is in, questioning Reynad for knowledge of the fleet's existence, and learning of his home world, Medak. When Captain Geary arrived, Iger briefed him on the what he had learned and oversaw him talking to Reynad before getting approval to let the prisoners go.

At Baldur, Iger acquired the messages in a server in the mining facility. He shared his surprise with Geary in the high number of messages openly against the ongoing war, concluding that either security did not care or that civilians were more weary than previously believed. Iger also became convinced of the need to convince the people of the Syndicate Worlds that there was no need to fear the Alliance anymore, as Geary had placed a ban on bombarding civilians and killing prisoners. While in Daiquon, he checked communications between Syndicate escape pods and concluded there was no reason to pick them up, as they were in no danger and all senior officers with useful information were dead.

During the First Battle of Lakota, Iger suggested bringing the Dauntless closer to the system's habitable world to allow more intelligence gathering into what the Syndicate flotilla was attempting, however, Geary disapproved of the suggestion. When the main Syndicate flotilla arrived in system via hypernet, Iger was able to acquire various messages between the Syndicate ships and began attempts to break their encryption. While the Alliance Fleet was in jump space, following fleeing from the battle, Iger was able to learn that the Syndicate flotilla did not intend to arrive in Lakota and had set an entirely different system as their destination, making their arrival theoretically impossible. While voicing his concerns and confusion to Captain Geary, Geary revealed his suspicions on the existence of an alien species manipulating certain events.

Notes and referencesEdit

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