The Hunter-Killer, or HuK, is a type of Syndicate light warship. Roughly analogous to, though smaller than, Alliance destroyers, HuKs are frequently employed as fast escorts, anchoring fast fleet formations comprised of light cruisers and battlecruisers in much the same way as Alliance Worlds destroyers often escort fast moving fleet elements.

Hunter-Killers are deployed rather then destroyers by the Syndicate World's Mobile Defense Force. They are smaller, and thus less powerful, but can be fielded in greater numbers then destroyers. Hunter-Killers are the second smallest ship type used by the Syndicate Worlds, their immediate junior being the Nickel Corvette.  The HuK brings less on-board damage control and battle repair capabiity with it than Alliance destroyers (in keeping with Syndicate Worlds Mobile Defense Force doctrine), and are described as generally less capable warships than their counterparts in the Alliance Fleet.