Control: Alliance (Abandoned)
Hypernet Status: Not Constructed
Jump Point Connections: T'shima, Beowolf, Shannin

Grendel is a largely uninhabited system on the border of Syndicate and Alliance space that had to be transited by pre-hypernet convoys relying on system jump points. It was the location of Commander John Geary's famous battle the beginning of the war and where he spent nearly a century in hibernation.

It is known that Grendel is accessible via the Alliance systems of T'shima, and Beowolf, and  as well as the Syndicate Worlds system Shannin. Furthermore Grendel was home to an emergency station intended for providing aid to ships in distressing passing through the star system. The base was either destroyed or abandoned during the Alliance-Syndicate War.

Because of the danger to Alliance shipping, Grendel was eventually abandoned in favor of a longer trip through Beowolf, Caderock, and then Rescat to T'shima rather than the previous route of Beowolf, Grendel, and then T'shima.