Captain Francesco Falco, also known as Fighting Falco, was an Alliance Captain during the Alliance-Syndicate War, prior to the final campaign of the war. He was a reckless commander who was famous throughout the Alliance for supposedly being a brilliant commander, although many commanders who had served under him thought that, while a brilliant politician, his commanding skills were terrible and he normally simply charged head into enemy formations.

He was captured by Syndicate forces and imprisoned in a labor camp until the Battle of Sutrah where he was freed by Alliance Fleet marines.

Upon being returned to the Alliance Fleet who were stranded in Syndicate space he attempted to take over command of the Alliance fleet through seniority he was blocked by Captain Geary. He continued to undermine Geary until Falco managed to recruit a fairly large number of officers willing to follow him in leaving the fleet and attempting to charge through Syndicate space on a course for Alliance space.

During this time, Captain Falco suffered a nervous breakdown, while his flotilla was decimated by enemy mines and ships. The vessels under his command eventually returned to the Alliance fleet where Captain Falco was arrested by fleet Marines under Captain Geary's orders. He would later be killed when the vessel was aboard was destroyed in action.