First Battle of Lakota
Previous Battle: Battle of Ixion
Next Battle: Second Battle of Lakota
Alliance retreat
Escape of Alliance fleet to Ixion

Alliance Fleet
Rift Navy
Callas Republic Fleet

Syndic fleet

Captain John Geary

Unknown Syndic CEO

26 battleships

2 scout battleships

18 battlecruisers

4 fleet auxiliaries

31 heavy cruisers

57 light cruisers

165 destroyers

Flotilla Alpha (did not participate in battle)
6 battleships
4 battle cruisers
9 heavy cruisers
13 light cruisers
20 HuKs

Flotilla Bravo

18 battleships
14 battle cruisers
23 heavy cruisers
'plenty' light cruisers
'plenty' HuKs

Flotilla Delta
23 battleships
20 battle cruisers
19 heavy cruiser
31 light cruiser
112 HuKs

Flotilla from Ixion
4 battleships
4 battle cruisers
6 heavy cruiser
'standard mix' light cruiser
'standard mix' HuKs

7th battleship division:

3 battleships

1 battlecruiser

2 heavy cruisers

3 light cruisers

4 destroyers

7 battleships

8 battlecruisers

numberous escorts

The First Battle of Lakota was an attempted assault on the Syndic star system of Lakota by the Alliance Lost Fleet. The battle marked a turning point in the aliens interference in Human affairs, from non-interference to direct interference, when they redirected a Syndic fleet in the Hypernet to Lakota. Casualties became very high, with battlecruiser Renown losing propulsion units, before being intercepted and destroyed by Syndic mobile forces. With no choice beside either destruction or retreat, Geary chose to withdraw. However, with numerous Syndic fleets closing in, the fleet would be attacked before it left the system, and suffer many more casualties. In the end, it was only with Captain Mosko's Seventh Battleship division staying behind to buy time for the fleet did it escape with no more major ships lost. This was at a price, however, all three battleships were destroyed, and the Audacious was left heavily damaged, and used as a prison camp for the survivors of the Seventh Battleship division. In total, the Alliance lost three battleships, a battlecruiser, two heavy cruisers, three light cruisers and four destroyers.

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