The First Battle Cruiser Division is a unit within the Lost Fleet. At the time of the flight from the Syndic home system, the First Battle Cruiser Division consisted of the battle cruisers Courageous , Formidable, Intrepid, and Renown. The Division was commanded by Captain Roberto Duellos of the Courageous.

After the loss of Renown at Lakota I, and the losses of both Courageous and Intrepid in Heradao, the First Division was reduced to a single ship.

Subsequently, when the Seventh Division's ships Inspire and Brilliant were suddenly in need of new commanders, Duellos was offered command of Inspire.

After Varandal, the fleet was reorganized, and the two ships remaining in Seventh were folded into a reconstituted First, along with the sole remaining ship of the Fifth Division , Implacable.

At that point, the First Division consisted of Inspire, Formidible, Brilliant and Implacable, with Captain Duellos remaining division commander.