Captain Faresa was an officer in the Alliance Fleet. Initially the captain of the battleship Majestic, Faresa was a woman who appeared to be approaching retirement age. One of the more senior officers in the Lost Fleet, Faresa was one of the more vocal critics of Captain Geary and his decisions, her objections often being accompanied by one of her famous acidic looks, each more harsh than the last. Faresa did not reserve her contempt solely for Geary though, being known to also lash out verbally at other captains more supportive of Geary, particularly those lower ranking, such as Commander Jaylen Cresida of the Furious.

When Captain Francesco Falco, recently liberated from a Syndicate labor camp, succeeded in splitting the fleet and taking a portion of it with him, Faresa and the Majestic accompanied Falco. The Majestic was one of the few ships to survive Falco's disastrous stint in command, rejoining the main body of the fleet at Ixion. Faresa was promptly removed from command by Captain Geary. Still defiant, Faresa first demanded a court-martial, then when Geary announced that a court-martial would be held when the opportunity arose, Faresa demanded to be released from what she termed "unlawful detention" in the meantime. Her demand was promptly rejected.

Faresa was later killed when the battleship Majestic, her former ship upon which she was being detained, was destroyed by Syndicate forces at the Second Battle of Lakota.