Falco's Mutiny was an internal rebellion of a group of Alliance warships led by Captain Francesco Falco who mutinied against the authority of fleet commander Captain John Geary and broke off from the Alliance Fleet operating deep in Syndicate Worlds territory in an attempt to force their way back home to Alliance space.

Despite the courage of individual ships and their crews, poor leadership promptly led Falco's Mutiny to disaster. Attempted to get home via the Vidha System, the mutineers promptly fell into a trap laid by the Snydicate Worlds Mobile Defense Forces. The resulting Battle of Vidha wiped out over half of the mutineer's fleet. Falco's mental breakdown at the onset of the battle only aggravated the crisis.

The ships that survived the battle fled to Ilion, where they rendezvoused with the main fleet, who promptly engaged and defeated the pursuing Syndicate force. After the Battle of Ilion, Falco and his ringleaders were put under arrest and Falco's mutineers integrated back into the Lost Fleet.


Dissatisfaction with Captain Geary's leadership had been evident ever since he took command of the fleet following the defeat at the First Battle of Prime.


Falco's ProclamationEdit

While traversing Strabo, preparing to strike at Sancere, a major Syndic shipyard, Captain Falco executes his plan. The battleships Warrior, Orion, Majestic and Triumph and battlecruisers Invincible, Polaris and Vanguard, escorted by six heavy and four light cruisers and 22 destroyers, making in total 39 warships. Believing that the fleet under Captain Geary lacked its previous fighting spirit, the mutineers attempted to take a direct course back to Alliance space.

To VidhaEdit

Along the way to Vidha, the mutineers encounter at least one mined jump point, leading to the loss of two light cruisers and one destroyer. In spite of both Geary's warning and the encounter, the mutineers continue onwards to Vidha.

Battle of VidhaEdit

At Vidha, the ships encounter another mined jump point as they arrive, which destroys four of the escorting ships and cripples the Polaris enough for her to fall behind the main force. As the ships advance further into the system, a large Syndic force began attacking the fleet. With many of the warships requesting orders, Captain Falco lost his grip on reality, already weakened by several years in a labor camp, and the command structure fell apart. With losses running high, the battleship Triumph orders the survivors to make for the jump point for Ilion while it acts as a rearguard.

Flight to IllionEdit