Enigma Race Warships are the ships used by the enigma race in their constant conflicts with other species. These vessels were first faced in fleet combat by the Alliance Fleet under Fleet Admiral John Geary in the Battle of Midway star system. Enigma Race vessels are dissimilar in appearance from the 'shark like' visual lines of warships of the Alliance, instead, presenting a blunter, more rounded appearance than their human counterparts. Aside from their extensive electronic warfare capabilities, Enigma Race vessels rely on the same basic weaponry as the Alliance and Syndicate Worlds warships, though their Hell-Lance batteries are somewhat more powerful. There is no evidence of the employment of either guided munitions (such as Specter missiles) or magnetic mass drivers (grapeshot) as commonly employed by human warships in addition to directed energy weapons.

Enigma Race vessels are capable of much greater acceleration than their human counterparts, possessing reactors significantly more powerful than those of human ships, and endowing the warships of the Enigma race with mass-to-thrust ratios at least an order of magnitude greater than those of human warships. Investigation by the Alliance First Fleet revealed the ships were filled with water, which dampened the inertial stress on the amphibious crew and allowed for the employment of a larger reactor core than would be used on a human crewed vessel of comparable size due to the radiation shielding properties of water.

Due to the volume of the alien ships being filled with water instead of air, the Enigma race does not construct warships comparable in size to human capital ships, instead topping out at ships slightly larger than human heavy cruisers.  

Enigma race warships are speculated to possess FTL comms systems, providing a major tactical advantage to the alien vessels.  These systems work on unknown principles and are not thought to be present on merchant ships used by the enigma race.

The ships are descriped as "turtle-like".