Commanding Officer: Roberto Duellos
Status: Destroyed
Produced by: Alliance Fleet
Technical Specifications:
Hell-lance batteries
Null field projector
Alliance Hypernet Key
Fully equipped intelligence chamber
Alliance Fleet
Notable Information:
Lost at Heradao

Courageous was a battle cruiser, part of the alliance fleet in the first attack on Prime. It was the leader of the First Battle Cruiser Division and was commanded by Captain Roberto Duellos .

Technical SpecificationsEdit

Being a Capitol ship, Courageous was quite large and had many facilities onboard. These include an interogation facility, a conference room, a brig and a prayer area. It was also outfitted with the latest alliance weaponary, such as a null field projector, several hell lance and grapeshot bateries and inventories of Specter missiles and Kinetic Bombardment missiles or 'rocks'.

History of ServiceEdit

First Battle of PrimeEdit

Courageous, commanded by Captain Roberto Duellos and leader of the First Battle Cruiser Division , was part of the first attack on the Syndicate Home System. This attack was led by Admiral Bloch who commanded the fleet from the flagship Dauntless . The attack was a set-up and ultimately a failure due to the heavy loss of ships in the fleet, but Courageous was among the many ships that survived. After Bloch's death and Captain John Geary's assumption of control of the fleet, Duellos shows his support of Geary's command by defending him in the fleet conference. Courageous joined the fleet in jumping to Corvus .

Events in CorvusEdit

Battle of KalibanEdit

Battle of SancerreEdit

First Battle of LakotaEdit

Second Battle of LakotaEdit

Battle of HeradaoEdit

During the battle, Courageous takes part in a firing pass on the enemy formation and receives extensive damage many systems, including its propulsion and its communication. Courageous could not manouvere or contact the rest of the Alliance fleet due to this and became a sitting duck for the Syndics. The damage was not repairable so Captain Duellos ordered evacuation af all nonessential personnel. At this point, Courageous is a wreck.

After the battle it is uncertain wheather Captain Duellos died in the battle or managed to escape. This is until Captain Geary is contacted by a smiling Captain Jaylen Cresida who informs him that Duellos is alive and well and currently onboard Fearless. Geary is extremely pleased to see Duellos survived. Geary lets Captain Duellos decide himself wheather or not he wishes to witness the destruction of the remains of Courageous as she was his ship.

Squadrons the Courageous served inEdit

  • First Battle Cruiser Division (as leader)

Battles the Courageous served inEdit

Alliance-Syndicate War