Control: Syndicate Worlds
Hypernet Status: Not Constructed
Orbiting Planets: Three
Jump Point Connections: Kaliban, Prime, Yuon, Voss

Corvus is an inhabited star system within Syndic space. The system does not contain a hypernet gate, but the system and its inhabitants nevertheless persevere. The sole habitable planet within the system lies 1.2 light hours from its star. In addition, the system possesses a small uninhabitable rocky world less than one light hour from the star, a gas giant six light hours away, and a small frozen world that lies about one half-hour from the jump point to the Syndic home system. The latter planet possesses a small Syndic military base.

Upon their withdrawal from the Syndic home system, the Lost Fleet under the command of Captain John Geary headed to the Corvus system. At the time, the system was minimally defended by a pair of "Nickel Corvettes" and a single light cruiser. These were easily dispatched by the Fleet, as was a Syndic pursuit force, as described in the Battle of Corvus, allowing the Alliance ships to proceed at their leisure through the system, destroying Syndic targets and seizing supplies at will.