General Carabali is a marine in the Alliance Fleet and later the Alliance First Fleet. Originally one of the higher-ranking Marines within Admiral Bloch's fleet, Carabali found herself thrust into the forefront when her commander was executed along with the rest of the flag officers in the fleet that assaulted the Syndicate home system, Prime. With her commander dead, Carabali assumed command of the Marines stationed in the fleet.

A competent and fiercely loyal officer, Carabali quickly proved her worth as a commander, successfully leading and coordinating Alliance raids against a number of Syndic installations in numerous systems. Carabali has shown herself to be cool under fire, and more than willing to put forth opinions she feels may be unpopular. Though she vastly prefers Captain Geary's command style to that of Admiral Bloch, Geary knows that, if push came to shove, Carabali's first loyalty is to the Alliance.

As a reward for competant service rendered during the retreat through Syndicate Worlds space, John Geary recommends-and gets approval from the Alliance Grand Council for-a promotion for Carabali from Colonel to Major General. Major General Carabelli is placed in command of a force of 1,420 Alliance Marines, split into detachments aboard the Alliance Fleet's capital ships during the counteroffensive led by Fleet Admiral Geary against the Syndicate Worlds.