Battle of Grendel
Previous Battle: Unknown
Next Battle: Unknown
Alliance Victory
Syndicate Worlds

Commander John Geary
Lieutenant Commander Lagemann

CEO 3rd Rank Fredericka Nalis

1 Heavy Cruiser
1 Light Cruiser
3 Destroyers
4 Heavy Cruisers
4 Light Cruisers
6 Hunter-Killers
10 Corvettes
ASN Merlon
>17 Dead
3 Light Cruisers severely damaged
5 Hunter-Killers severely damaged

The Battle of Grendel was one of the opening battles of the Alliance-Syndicate War, one of a number of simultaneous strikes against Alliance systems. The battle was a surprise attack by a Syndicate Worlds task force against an Alliance convoy, as both proceeded through the border system of Grendel towards T'shima.

The battle was largely in favor of the Syndicate Worlds, and could loosely be considered a victory by the definition of their success in destroying the ASN Merlon, but was tactically an Alliance victory as the convoy and the majority of its escorts managed to escape and warn the Alliance base at T'shima, negating the Syndicate World's advantage of surprise.

In the following years, there were a number of other battles at Grendel until the star system was abandoned, but the initial battle is often referred to as Geary's Last Stand.