Battle cruisers are a type of capital ship used primarily by the Alliance and Syndicate Worlds. They are fast, maneuverable, and heavily armed starships, however they are not as heavily armored as battleships. A battle cruiser typically has around 1500 crew members and a hanger deck with two shuttles for transportation, but a fast attack craft could be squeezed in.


While the Alliance Navy only had two squadrons of battle cruisers prior to the Alliance-Syndicate War, that number has increased significantly over the hundred years that followed. As the war progressed and Alliance officers prioritized aggression and charging the enemy over strategy, battle cruisers soon became known as the best assignment throughout the Navy. Since these ships had less armor, however, this resulted in the increasing death rate in said officers, contributing to the Alliance relying on more inexperienced, younger officers. Alliance battle cruisers generally have a detachment of marines on board, usually numbering 40 and commanded by a Gunnery Sergeant.


  • Adroit class - Created towards the end of the Alliance-Syndicate War, the Adroit class were designed to be far cheaper than other classes of battle cruisers. As a result, they are smaller in size, have fewer hell-lances in fewer batteries, less specter magazines carrying less specters, less power sent to said weapons, less grapeshots, less redundancies of critical systems, and less capable sensors making them dependent on other capital ships. The only plus is that their propulsion is roughly the same as other Alliance classes.
  • Dark battle cruiser - Created after the Alliance-Syndicate War, dark battle cruisers were built to be controlled and piloted solely by AIs, with no human crew. Thanks to the lack of crew spaces and life support, as well as not needing to worry about harming said crew, dark battle cruisers have far more weaponry than standard battle cruisers, roughly twice as much, and are far more maneuverable. A total of twenty of them were built for use in the Defender Fleet.

Syndicate WorldsEdit

Battle cruisers in the Syndicate mobile forces are similar to those in the Alliance due to both governments originating from Earth. One significant difference is the Syndicate installing heavy armor and weapons around the bridge, engineering, and fire-control, meant to protect CEOs and Internal Security Service members in case of mutiny or enemy boarding parties. Like other ships, the Syndicate also stripped their battle cruisers of all repair crews to save costs, forcing the ships to hire civilian companies to repair any significant battle damage.


  • C-Class
  • D-Class - Considered to be roughly on par with the Alliance's Dauntless.


Known battle cruisersEdit


Adroit classEdit