The Alliance First Fleet is a part of the Alliance Navy that was created four weeks after the end of the Alliance-Syndicate War. Composed of the bulk of the Alliance Fleet and ships that fought in the final battle against the Syndicates plus a few new additions, such as four more fast fleet auxilliaries and marine Assault Transports. At Varandal, Admiral "Black Jack" Geary was given command of this fleet and was tasked with a full-force expedition to explore and investigate the enigma race on the far side of Syndicate Worlds' space. Dauntless served as his flagship, as it had on his two previous campaigns.

The First Fleet's intended purpose is to execute missions outside the border of the Alliance, primarily against the Engima race and secondarily against the rising threats resulting from the collapse of the Syndicate Worlds' central authority.

The Alliance First Fleet was composed of several hundred ships organized into 5 battle cruiser divisions, 6 battleship divisions, 2 auxiliary divisions, 6 heavy cruiser divisions, 10 squadrons of light cruisers, 18 squadrons of destroyers, and 1 assault transport division.

First Fleet Marine Force served as the planetside component of the First Fleet.

Battleship DivisionsEdit

Second Battleship DivisonEdit

Ship Name: Commanding Officer: Status:
Gallant Unknown Active
Indomitable Unknown Active
Glorious Unknown Active



Third Battleship DivisionEdit

Ship Name: Commanding Officer: Status:
Dreadnaught Captain Jane Geary Active
Orion Commander Shen Lost at Sobek
Dependable Unknown Active
Conqueror Unknown Active

Fourth Battleship DivisionEdit

Ship Name: Commanding Officer: Status:
Warspite Commander Plant Active
Vengeance Unknown Active
Revenge Unknown Active
Guardian Unknown Active

Fifth Battleship DivisionEdit

Ship Name: Commanding Officer: Status:
Fearless Captain Ulrickson Active
Resolution Unknown Active
Redoubtable Unknown Active

Seventh Battleship DivisionEdit

Ship Name: Commanding Officer: Status:
Colossus Captain Armus Active
Encroach Unknown Active
Amazon Captain Penthe Lost at Unity Alternate
Spartan Unknown Active

Eighth Battleship DivisionEdit

Ship Name: Commanding Officer: Status:
Relentless Unknown Active
Reprisal Captain Hiyen Active
Superb Unknown Active
Splendid Unknown Active

Battle Cruiser DivisionsEdit

First Battle Cruiser DivisionEdit

Ship Name: Commanding Officer: Status:
Inspire Captain Duellos Active
Formidable Captain Savik Active
Brilliant Unknown Lost at Honor
Implacable Commander Neeson, Captain Ekrhi [1] Lost at Unity Alternate

Second Battle Cruiser DivisionEdit

Ship Name: Commanding Officer: Status:
Leviathan Captain Tulev Lost at Unity Alternate

Captain Bradamont[2]

Steadfast Captain Hiyakawa Active
Valiant Commander Landis Active

Fourth Battle Cruiser DivisionEdit

Ship Name: Commanding Officer: Status:
Dauntless (flagship) Captain Desjani Active
Daring Captain Vitali Active
Victorious Unknown Active
Intemperate Unknown Active

Fifth Battle Cruiser DivisionEdit

Ship Name: Commanding Officer: Status:
Adroit Unknown Lost at Atalia

Sixth Battle Cruiser DivisionEdit

Ship Name: Commanding Officer: Status:
Illustrious Captain Badaya Active
Incredible Captain Parr Active
Invincible Captain Vente Lost at Pandora

Assaut Transport DivisionEdit

Fifth Assault Transport DivisionEdit

Ship Name: Commanding Officer: Status:
Tsunami Unknown Active
Typhoon Unknown Active
Mistral Commander Young Active
Haboob Unknown Active

Auxiliaries DivisionsEdit

First Auxiliary DivisionEdit

Ship Name: Commanding Officer: Status:
Titan Commander Lommand Active
Tanuki Captain Smythe Active
Kupua Unknown Active
Domovoi Unknown Active

Second Auxiliary DivisionEdit

Ship Name: Commanding Officer: Active:
Witch Captain Tyrosian Active
Jinn Unknown Active
Alchemist Unknown Active
Cyclops Unknown Active

Heavy Cruisers DivisionsEdit

Known Heavy CruisersEdit

  • Invidious (lost at Kaliban)
  • Cuirass (lost at Sutrah)
  • Ram (lost at Vidha)
  • Crest (lost at Vidha)
  • War-Coat (lost at Vidha)
  • Citadel (lost at Vidha)
  • Basinet (lost at Lakota)
  • Sullet (lost at Lakota)
  • Utap (lost at Lakota II)
  • Vambrace (lost at Lakota II)
  • Fascine (lost at Lakota II)
  • Armet (lost at Cavalos)
  • Gusoku (lost at Cavalos)
  • Ichcahuipilli [3]
  • Rondelle [4]
  • Ocrea [5]
  • Gusset [6]
  • Schischak [7]
  • Tortoise (lost at Heradao)[8]
  • Breech (lost at Heradao)[9]
  • Kurtani (lost at Heradao)[10]
  • Tarian (lost at Heradao)[11]
  • Nodowa (lost at Heradao) [12]
  • Lorica (lost at Padronis)
  • Kaidate (lost at Varandal)
  • Quillion (lost at Varandal)
  • Camail [13]
  • Emerald (lost at Honor)
  • Hoplon (lost at Honor)
  • Diamond
  • Bunker
  • Turret (Lost at Unity Alternate)
  • Bastille
  • Hori
  • Presidio
  • Motte (lost at Unity Alternate)

First Heavy Cruiser DivisionEdit

Ship Name: Commanding Officer: Active:
Tanko Commander Sel Rosen Active

Third Heavy Cruiser DivisionEdit

Fourth Heavy Cruiser DivisionEdit

Fifth Heavy Cruiser DivisionEdit

Eighth Heavy Cruiser DivisionEdit

Tenth Heavy Cruiser DivisionEdit

Light Cruisers SquadronsEdit

Known Light CruisersEdit

  • Spur (lost at Lakota)
  • Fleche (lost at Batara)
  • Swift (lost at Kaliban)
  • Pommel (lost at Vidha)
  • Swing (lost at Vidha)
  • Bolo (lost at Vidha)
  • Staff (lost at Vidha)
  • Swept-Guard (lost at Lakota)
  • Damascene (lost at Lakota)
  • Brigandine (lost at Lakota II)
  • Carte (lost at Lakota II)
  • Ote (lost at Lakota II)
  • Kote (lost at Cavalos)
  • Cercle (lost at Cavalos)
  • Kissaki (lost at Heradao)
  • Crest (lost at Heradao)
  • Trunnion (lost at Heradao)
  • Inquarto (lost at Heradao)
  • Intagliata (lost at Heradao)
  • Septime (lost at Heradao)
  • Estocade (lost at Varandal)
  • Disarm (lost at Varandal)
  • Cavalier (lost at Varandal)
  • Tsuba[14]
  • Octave [15]
  • Lunge [16]
  • Tierce [17]
  • Ward [18]
  • Balestra (lost at Honor)
  • Moulinet (lost at Unity Alternate)
  • Remise (lost at Unity Alternate)
  • Chase (lost at Unity Alternate)
  • Corona (lost at Unity Alternate)
  • Foin (lost at Unity Alternate)

First Light Cruiser SquadronEdit

Second Light Cruiser SquadronEdit

Third Light Cruiser SquadronEdit

Fifth Light Cruiser SquadronEdit

Sixth Light Cruiser SquadronEdit

Eighth Light Cruiser SquadronEdit

Ninth Light Cruiser SquadronEdit

Tenth Light Cruiser SquadronEdit

Eleventh Light Cruiser SquadronEdit

Fourteenth Light Cruiser SquadronEdit

Destroyers SquadronsEdit

Known DestroyersEdit

  • Dagger (lost at Kaliban)
  • Venom (lost at Kaliban)
  • Anelace (lost at Sutrah)
  • Baselard (lost at Sutrah)
  • Mace (lost at Sutrah)
  • Celt (lost at Vidha)
  • Akhu (lost at Vidha)
  • Sickle (lost at Vidha)
  • Leaf (lost at Vidha)
  • Bolt (lost at Vidha)
  • Sabot (lost at Vidha)
  • Flint (lost at Vidha)
  • Needle (lost at Vidha)
  • Dart (lost at Vidha)
  • Sting (lost at Vidha)
  • Limpet (lost at Vidha)
  • Cudgel (lost at Vidha)
  • Falcata (lost at Ilion)
  • War-Hammer (lost at Lakota)
  • Prasa (lost at Lakota)
  • Talwar (lost at Lakota)
  • Xiphos (lost at Lakota)
  • Armlet (lost at Lakota II)
  • Flanconade (lost at Lakota II)
  • Kukri (lost at Lakota II)
  • Hastarii (lost at Lakota II)
  • Petard (lost at Lakota II)
  • Spiculum (lost at Lakota II)
  • Flail (lost at Cavalos)
  • Ndziga (lost at Cavalos)
  • Tabar (lost at Cavalos)
  • Cestus (lost at Cavalos)
  • Balta (lost at Cavalos)
  • Bard (lost at Heradao)
  • Yatagan (lost at Heradao)
  • Lunge (lost at Heradao)
  • Arabas (lost at Heradao)
  • Kurini (lost at Heradao)
  • Shail (lost at Heradao)
  • Chamber (lost at Heradao)
  • Bayonet (lost at Heradao)
  • Tomahawk (lost at Heradao)
  • Serpentine (lost at Varandal)
  • Basilisk (lost at Varandal)
  • Bowie (lost at Varandal)
  • Guidon (lost at Varandal)
  • Sten (lost at Varandal)
  • Zaghnal (lost at Pandora)
  • Plumbatae (lost at Honor)
  • Bolo (lost at Honor)
  • Bangalore (lost at Honor)
  • Morningstar (lost at Honor)
  • Musket (lost at Midway)
  • Dagger
  • Mause (lost at Unity Alternate)
  • Spitfire (lost at Unity Alternate)
  • Parrot
  • Thunderbolt (lost at Bhavan)
  • Monitor (lost at Bhavan)
  • Kopis (lost at Bhavan)
  • Patu
  • Lathi
  • Naginata
  • Rapier
  • Skyraider (lost at Unity Alternate)
  • Annellet (lost at Unity Alternate)

Known DivisionsEdit

  • First Destroyer Squadron
  • Second Destroyer Squadron
  • Third Destroyer Squadron
  • Fourth Destroyer Squadron
  • Sixth Destroyer Squadron
  • Seventh Destroyer Squadron
  • Ninth Destroyer Squadron
  • Tenth Destroyer Squadron
  • Twelfth Destroyer Squadron
  • Fourteenth Destroyer Squadron
  • Sixteenth Destroyer Squadron
  • Seventeenth Destroyer Squadron
  • Twentieth Destroyer Squadron
  • Twenty-first Destroyer Squadron
  • Twenty-third Destroyer Squadron
  • Twenty-seventh Destroyer Squadron
  • Twenty-eighth Destroyer Squadron
  • Thirty-second Destroyer Squadron

First Fleet Marine ForceEdit

Major General Carabali commanding. 3,000 Marines on assault transports and divided into detachments on battle cruisers and battleships.


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