The Alliance is one of the two human major powers in known space. It is a colossal collection of worlds and rules over around half of human space. It is unknown as to how it was formed or how old it is. Its most recent history involves the Alliance-Syndicate War and the aftermath.


Alliance-Syndicate WarEdit

First engagementsEdit

One of the war's opening engagements occurred in the uninhabited but important transit corridor star system of Grendel, along the Alliance-Syndicate border. Grendel was a minor military target compared to targets like Varndal. The war is believed by various people, including John Geary, to have been provoked in part by the enigma race as a ploy to weaken and distract both human factions.

Following the Battle of Grendel and the successful rear-guard action of Geary's detachment, John Geary was turned from an ordinary man to a hero of the Alliance. The first strike failed to either penetrate deeper into Alliance space or to destroy the transports in the convoy being protected by Merlon. The battle's strategic consequences were ultimately minor, but it served as a major propaganda victory for the Alliance who claimed the Syndicate as the aggressors and how hard their crews had fought.

Progression of the WarEdit

Thanks to increasing Geary-related propaganda, officers in the Alliance began valuing aggression and honor over strategy and discipline. This resulted in increasing casualties on both sides of the war. Ships began being built with shorter and shorter lifespans and dying officers were replaced with young, inexperienced officers making matters only worse. As the Syndicate launched increasing attacks on Alliance planets, further enraging Alliance citizens and causing many Alliance officers to begin dishonorably executing Syndicate prisoners.