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• 5/20/2018

Is there a complete map or something representing the border of the syndicate area??

Is there a complete map or something representing the border of the syndicate area??
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• 7/7/2018

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• 5/14/2017

What is the time convention?

What is the time convention that characters are always using? When Colonel Carabali says "The last shuttles should be off the surface by time one six," what does that mean? I realize "one six" is "sixteen," but I don't know what "time sixteen" is. I've tried all kinds of searches online and am just not finding the answer I'm looking for. I'm sure it's an obvious thing to anyone with any kind of military exposure, but I just don't have that.
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• 7/13/2015

ship size

my current long-commute-audio books are the lost fleet: beyond the frontier. i've been looking everywhere for a scale drawing of all the ships. i'm having a hard time envisioning the size of the seized bear-cow ship now christened invincible, but i'd really like to see someone's rendition of all the ships. does this exist anywhere?
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• 12/10/2013

Captian Kila

Captian kila was a homicidal bitch who MURDURED the crew of the heavy cruiser Lorica
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• 12/4/2013
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• 10/26/2013


throughout the retreat from the cerry begining in the book Dauntless they had the opertunity to capture and use dozens inf not hundreds of syndicate worldsships (units)whatever  both military and civilian why didnt they use them? i mean what syndicate is going to be all that worried about a small battle group of say 6 HuKs 4 or 5 light cruisers and 4 heavy crusiers escorting a battleship? they dont even have to repair it all back too 100% they could have done that at Sancere shipyards after that stupid asshole falco mutinied 40 or so ships killing all but like 6 and then the civilian shipping they could have captured for if nothing less hauling around cargo for the fast fleet auxilleries (lol fast) the entire way back home they were always runing out of suplies hell almost the entire fleet had to SHUT OFF their power cores because there was NO FUEL and then later on with the reserve flotilla what happened to the ships and crew that survived there must of been at least a few that after a few weeks at the yards could of been reparied enough to either enter service and if the alliance  or admrial geary didnt want them you could give them to preisident iceni to help defend the midway star system from enigma attacks and probes now dont give her to many at a time maby a few light crusiers and heavy cruisers as she chooses the prisioners she or general drakon wants freed to either crew them or be stationed on them but somthing she has been a better allies then the syndicate worlds have been i mean sure there was that little trick they might of had a role in but other then that nothing a clean slate now the syndics on the other hand look at what they all have done muliple attacks killing thousands of personel in the guies of pirate attacks i mean 6 heavy cruisers 5 light cruisers and 12 HuKs are no laughing matter but when compared to say a full dozen of each not to mention a single battleship or battlecruiser good luck so why didnt geary put that out there where it was a posiblity?
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• 6/22/2013


What this about Admiral Bloch being alive in Guardian in page 280?
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• 5/11/2013

moving CEO from Characters, or at least renaming it

From what I read on the CEO article it was mainly about the CEO in the syndic's home fleet, therefore it would be better to rename this article to better rpresent this fact and create a new articale about the CEO rank in general, further more there are other CEO's that would be just as important and thereofre deserving of a seperate article such as CEO Arthur Drakon from Midway, or CEO Gwen Iceni, also of Midway
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• 4/22/2013

Sancere page

I have incorrectly used the spelling of Sancerre when creating the page due to the misprint in the books. I apologise for this but i have no idea how to change it as i am new to wikia. Sorry again and please help.
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• 1/30/2013

Wikia Alliances

Wikia's got this Alliance thing going on which will allow our wiki to:
"... get updates about exclusive content (think beta codes, star interviews, giveaways, etc.) from member communities. Communities that participate will receive the badge on their community, proudly showing their alliance and giving first-access to this extra content. Plus, your community will get promoted on the hub to which it belongs, on Wikia’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, and you will be listed as member in the links below for all the world to see."
Should we sign up?
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• 1/26/2013

squadron vs division

Can someone fill me in on the difference between a squadron and a division in TLF? Squadrons are given orders in Corvus, and appear to be homogeneous in terms of ship type.
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